Dr. Steven D. Emslie

My research interests are interdisciplinary and focus on avian ecology and paleoecology, especially on the fossil record of birds in the Plio/Pleistocene and the evolution and extinction of birds in relation to climate change. For the past 15 years I have been studying the paleoecology of penguins in Antarctica with excavations of abandoned penguin colonies to recover bones and prey remains. These remains are providing information on the occupation history and diet of penguins that can be correlated with past population movements and episodes of climate change in this region. Most recently, this research has been expanded to investigate carbon and oxygen isotope records preserved in penguin eggshell from fossil and recent penguin colonies. I also study living seabirds and other coastal species.

There are 1 included publications by Dr. Steven D. Emslie :

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Increase in penguin populations during the Little Ice Age in the Ross Sea, Antarctica 2013 754 Penguins are an important seabird species in Antarctica and are sensitive to climate and environmental changes. Previous studies indicated that penguin populations increased when the climate became warmer and decreased when it became colder in the ...