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Dr. Christopher F. Dumas

Dr. Dumas is a Professor of Economics in the Cameron School of Business. He has been with the Cameron School since 1997. (Full Professor 2009-present, Associate Professor 2003-2008, Assistant Professor 1997-2002). Areas of Interest include Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Regional and Applied Microeconomics, Economic Impacts of Hurricanes and Economics of Aquaculture .

There are 3 included publications by Dr. Christopher F. Dumas :

TitleDateViewsBrief Description
Measuring the economic impacts of sea-level rise on marine recreational shore fishing in North Carolina 2008 240 In this study we develop estimates of the economic effects of climate change-induced sea level rise on marine recreational shore fishing in North Carolina. We estimate the relationship between angler behavior and spatial differences in beach width ...
Measuring the impacts of climate change on North Carolina coastal resources 2009 780 Current scientific research shows that the global sea level is expected to rise significantly over the next century. The relatively dense development and abundant economic activity along much of the U.S. coastline is vulnerable to risk of coastal f...
The potential economic benefits of integrated and sustainable ocean observation systems: The Southeast Atlantic region 2005 228 The South East Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing System (SEACOOS) collects, manages and disseminates coastal oceanic and atmospheric observation information along the Atlantic coast of the southeastern United States. This paper estimates the benef...