John E. Lothes II

  • Temporary EPA / Faculty
  • Psychology, UNCW
  • 910-962-3372
  • 601 South College Road
  • Wilmington NC 28403-5612

There are 2 included publications by John E. Lothes II:

TitleDateViewsBrief Description
Aikido experience and its relation to mindfulness: A two-part study 2013 5175 The martial art Aikido may be useful in the development of mindfulness. In this study, the authors examined the potential association of training in Aikido may have on mindfulness. The sample of Study 1 comprised 159 participants completing two empir...
The expectancy effects of caffeine on cognitive performance 2009 17378 Numerous studies have been conducted on caffeine and its stimulant effects. However, studies that have been conducted to examine the effects of caffeine on alertness and memory have produced conflicting results. Several factors may be critical in ...