Effective Instructional Strategies for Middle School Choral Teachers: Teaching Middle School Boys to Sing During Vocal Transition

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Valarie A. Austin

Abstract: Teaching vocal skills to male students whose voices are transitioning is an undertaking that many middle school choral teachers find challenging. Research suggests that one reason why challenges exist is because of teachers' limited knowledge about the transitioning male voice. The development of peer pressure and the understanding of social norms, which will be associated with psychological transitions for this study, is another factor that creates instructional challenges for choral teachers. Research also suggests that transitions, such as the development of the larynx and the singing voice, create instructional challenges for choral teachers. The goal of this study is to examine the most effective teaching practices that middle school choral teachers can employ in the classroom, in order to eradicate challenges within the classroom setting.This meta-analysis is supported by a review of previous research on the issues and challenges surrounding the transitioning male voice, and will be presented in two parts. These parts are compromised of a written document and a lecture-recital. The written document will consist of a review of current and relevant literature topics that examine the psychological and physical transitions that adolescent males experience, its impact on their body, mind, and singing voice. The written portion of this study will also list strategies that middle school teachers can employ in the classroom. Findings from the research will then be presented in the lecture. The presentation will include a vocal recital featuring four Italian songs, two English songs, and one Latin song. These particular songs will demonstrate what research has suggested in terms of instructional practices that middle school teachers can implement in the classroom. This recital will also feature songs that follow the suggested guidelines with regards to how middle choral teachers should be select appropriate songs for transitioning voices.

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Language: English
Date: 2014
Singing Voice, Middle School Choral Teachers, Middle School Boys, Transitioning Male Voices, Teaching Vocal Skills, Teaching Practices

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