Chicago's Inner-City Life and Culture

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Nathan Phillippi

Abstract: When I took Dr. Walton’s “History of Hip Hop” course, he mentioned the term ‘drill rap.’ Because of the limited time we had in the semester, we did not discuss a lot about drill rap, so I decided to do further research and found interest in it. ‘Drill rap’ is characterized with “trap-influenced beats…paired with violent lyrics that focus on gang life, drugs, guns and killing. Drill itself means to fight or scrap and can also refer to a firearm.”1 Keon Diego’s definition helped me understand that ‘drill rap’ is associated with violence in Chicago.I then developed a research question: how did this subgenre develop in such a particular location? To answer the question, I gathered some historical data for Chicago regarding crime, income, and education (since they all intersect) during the 80s/90s. I also gathered some contemporary data regarding crime, income, and education so I could compare the six datasets. In addition, I focused on different neighborhoods in Chicago for each of the three datasets so my maps would not be cluttered. For instance, if I just focused on North Lawndale, it would be very difficult to effectively convey the historical and present statistics on crime, income, and education on my maps. Instead, I focused on different neighborhoods for two reasons: it is not a cluttered mess and it effectively shows that ‘drill rap’ applies to more than one Chicago neighborhood. Also, I produced a map illustrating the diaspora of Hip Hop music in the United States. This map shows the spatial pattern of the origins of Hip Hop as a whole as well as the origins of drill rap in Chicago.

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Honors Project
Esther G. Maynor Honors College
Language: English
Date: 2019
Drill rap, Chicago, crime, income, education, 1980s, 1990s, hip hop

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