Comparison and Analysis of ADH Isozymes from a Population of Chrysoma pauciflosculosa

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Abstract: Chrysoma pauciflosculosa is a rare evergreen shrub that is located on a sandy ridge. There are two populations of Chrysoma located in Pembroke, North Carolina. No published information on isozyme studies or population genetics exists for this species. Isozymes are variable forms of an enzyme. Two enzymes, ADH and MDH, were chosen for the comparison. Two prior students at UNCP developed an initial protocol for studying isozymes in this species. There data was used for storage and grinding. The leaves were collected from one site near Purnell Swett High School in Pembroke, North Carolina. The leaves were homogenized, electrophoresed on acrylamide gels and stained for the particular enzyme being studied. It was determined that ADH was active in this population of Chrysoma.

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Honors Project
Language: English
Date: 2004
Isozymes, Isoenzymes, Shrubs, Chrysoma pauciflosculos, ADH Isozymes

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