The Modesty Campaigns of Rabbi Amram Blau and the Neturei Karta Movement, 1938-1974

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Dr. Mordechai (Motti) Inbari, Assistant Professor of Religion (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP )
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Abstract: This article discusses how Neturei Karta affected women's status in Haredi society in Jerusalem. Modesty campaigns, launched under the leadership of Rabbi Amarm Blau (1896-1974), were designated to gain power and control, not just over women, but also over the entire Haredi enclave. It presents these campaigns from the initiators' perspectives, and explores their open and hidden agendas. The article explores the defensive stage of the modesty campaign that was aimed mostly to strengthen the Haredi enclave and to separate it from secular Jerusalem with the establishment of the modesty patrols. This study was made possible following the discovery of Blau's personal archive, which by a convoluted route reached the library of Boston University, where it has been opened to the academic community.

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Israel Studies Volume 17, Number 1
Language: English
Date: 2012
Neturei Karta Movement, Jerusalem, Haredi Society, Modesty Campaigns, Modesty Patrols
Blau, Amarm, 1896-1974

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