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  1. College Major and Modern Racism: A Matter of Moral Hypocrisy? by Oxendine, David (2017)
  2. The role of disclosure of social shopping rewards in social buzz by Altobello, Suzanne (2016)
  3. Inhibitor of Endocannabinoid Deactivation Protects Against In Vitro and In Vivo Neurotoxic Effects of Paraoxon by Bahr, Ben and Romine, Heather and Farizatto, Karen (2017)
  4. Precocious Development of Self-awareness in Dolphins by Morrison, Rachel (2018)
  5. Paraoxon: An Anticholinesterase That Triggers an Excitotoxic Cascade of Oxidative Stress, Adhesion Responses, and Synaptic Compromise by Bahr, Ben and Farizatto, Karen (2017)
  6. Aß42-mediated proteasome inhibition and associated tau pathology in hippocampus are governed by a lysosomal response involving cathepsin B: Evidence for protective crosstalk between protein clearance pathways by Bahr, Ben and Farizatto, Karen (2017)
  7. Poor cognitive ageing: Vulnerabilities, mechanisms and the impact of nutritional interventions by Bahr, Ben (2017)
  8. Potential Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics Among Weak Cysteine Protease Inhibitors Exhibit Mechanistic Differences Regarding Extent of Cathepsin B Up-Regulation and Ability to Block Calpain by Bahr, Ben and Romine, Heather and Pait, Morgan (2017)
  9. Predictive Power of Personal Factors in Studying Students’ Perception of Sales Profession in Ghana by Bahhouth, Victor and Spillan, John E. "Jack" and Mensah, Edwin "Cliff" (2013)
  10. The Impact of a Focus on Change in Technology in Successful Implementation of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in North and South America by Spillan, John E. "Jack" and Thomas, William "Stewart" (2012)

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Are businesses Becoming More Efficient through Time? Testing the Change in Working Capital Requirements across Economic Sectors

Thomas, William
Associate Dean, Associate Professor, School of Business
Accounting and Information Technology

The study examines the efficiency of businesses through time. It tests the change in working capital requirements across economic sectors. The last two decades were earmarked with many changes. With n... View More