Dr Leonard Holmes

  • Associate Professor
  • Chemistry and Physics, UNCP
  • lholmes@uncp.edu
  • 910.521.6650
  • 1 University Drive
  • Pembroke NC 28372

Area: Biochemistry, Bioprocessing, Fermentation Technology

There are 2 included publications by Dr Leonard Holmes :

TitleDateViewsBrief Description
"Perinatal Depression in Minority and Underserved Rural Women" 2012 2088 Perinatal depression is defined as major and minor depressive episodes that occur either during pregnancy or within the first 12 months following delivery. As the number of individuals with depressions rises globally, the number of new mothers with ...
Physiological Constants of the Entomopathogenic Bacterium Xenorhabdus Nematophila Determined by Microbial Growth Kinetics 2014 1025 Xenorhabdus nematophila, an entomopathogenic bacterium that symbiotically associates with the entomoparasitic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae, was studied to determine its physiological parameters of glucose utilization. X. nematophila was cultured ...