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Samuel Novicki (Creator)
University of North Carolina Asheville (UNCA )
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David Hopes

Abstract: The following 8 chapters constitute the beginning of the novel Ruin, a fantasy story that follows two characters, Rhun and Mallory, after Rhun of them is selected by the gods to stop the world from ending. The two unwitting and unwilling heroes must travel across several worlds that are all in danger of being destroyed by a seemingly unrelated catastrophe. However, the novel also follows the pantheon and reveals their actions that have led to this point, and their true reasons for selecting such an unlikely pair of saviors. Eventually these two sides will meet, and the truth of why the world is ending will become known. I would like to thank two people in particular: Professor David Hopes, for reading and aiding me with editing and adjusting the first copy of this manuscript, and Thomas Norwood, a friend whose art can be found on page 15, and who brought to life an image I could never hope to capture in words. I can’t thank either of you enough for the effort and aid you have given me.

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Language: English
Date: 2019
novel ; fantasy fiction ; creative writing

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