A study of behavioral and reproductive patterns of adult Lestes Vigilax Hagen (Odonata: Lestidae)

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Abstract: A study was undertaken to investigate the general behavior and reproductive activity of an adult population of Lestes vigilax at an impoundment in piedmont North Carolina. The study was conducted from July through October, 1971 with observations being made daily, weather permitting. These observations were made with regard to time of day, temperature and light intensity. Lestes vigilax is a late summer species in this locality. Emergence took place in July and August with the adults flying until the first of October. Following emergence the teneral damselflies flew to the woods and remained there for a maturation period of undetermined length. Studies on interaction and reproductive behavior were made with the mature adults during the mornings while they were flying. It was found that the males made random approaches to other males in a primitive territorial maneuver. During these approach flights, threats and contacts were made; a threat being simply an approach while actual physical touching constituted a contact. The mates achieved tandem with the females without courtship display. Following tandem achievement one-half of the observed pairs experienced a pre-copulation rest period. The remaining pairs began copulation immediately. This copulation took place while the pair was perched on the vegetation bordering the lake. After copulation oviposition followed, usually immediately. Oviposition took place on or in floating sprigs of Elodea near the center of the lake. The female, in tandem with the male, always oviposited on the surface; they never descended beneath the water. Following oviposition, the pair broke tandem and returned to the shore.

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Language: English
Date: 1972
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