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Robert Watson

Abstract: These poems are an attempt to say a few things about the feeling of loss that one experiences by being human. Whether in the form of disenchantment, disillusionment, disappointment, or death, loss is something that affects one deeply, sometimes strangely, often at some later strand in the timeweave we live. Poems are offerings and appeasements proffered to time, and behind their variations, in this thesis, is the frivolously stoic idea that even though there is nothing to be done about age and loss, there are things we can hold dear, within a time, and again as memory, knowing that that which we now have will just as assuredly exit from us as that which we had. Belief, love, religion, we can hold only as long as they let us. The thirty-one poems of Exits are divided, perhaps too much so, into three sections. The sense of loss is, for me, traced through the eyes of emotion rather than intellect, leaving intellect to order the poem ex post facto rather than the other way around, meaning that one feels the poem before one understands it. If a poem, or Exits as a thesis, succeeds only as an experience somewhat shattered and partly memorable, acutely minute and private, I do not apologize for that.

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Language: English
Date: 1968

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