Identification of cytosolic phosphodiesterases in the erythrocyte: A possible role for PDE5

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Abstract: Background Within erythrocytes (RBCs), cAMP levels are regulated by phosphodiesterases (PDEs). Increases in cAMP and ATP release associated with activation of ß-adrenergic receptors (ßARs) and prostacyclin receptors (IPRs) are regulated by PDEs 2, 4 and PDE 3, respectively. Here we establish the presence of cytosolic PDEs in RBCs and determine a role for PDE5 in regulating levels of cGMP. Material/Methods Purified cytosolic proteins were obtained from isolated human RBCs and western analysis was performed using antibodies against PDEs 3A, 4 and 5. Rabbit RBCs were incubated with dbcGMP, a cGMP analog, to determine the effect of cGMP on cAMP levels. To determine if cGMP affects receptor-mediated increases in cAMP, rabbit RBCs were incubated with dbcGMP prior to addition of isoproterenol (ISO), a ßAR receptor agonist. To demonstrate that endogenous cGMP produces the same effect, rabbit and human RBCs were incubated with SpNONOate (SpNO), a nitric oxide donor, and YC1, a direct activator of soluble guanylyl cyclase (sGC), in the absence and presence of a selective PDE5 inhibitor, zaprinast (ZAP). Results Western analysis identified PDEs 3A, 4D and 5A. dbcGMP produced a concentration dependent increase in cAMP and ISO-induced increases in cAMP were potentiated by dbcGMP. In addition, incubation with YC1 and SpNO in the presence of ZAP potentiated ßAR-induced increases in cAMP. Conclusions PDEs 2, 3A and 5 are present in the cytosol of human RBCs. PDE5 activity in RBCs regulates cGMP levels. Increases in intracellular cGMP augment cAMP levels. These studies suggest a novel role for PDE5 in erythrocytes.

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Medical Science Monitor : International Medical Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research; 17:5 p. CR241-CR247
Language: English
Date: 2011
PDE5, zaprinast, isoproterenol, red blood cell, cGMP

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