Post-graduate Nurse Practitioner Education: Impact on Job Satisfaction

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East Carolina University (ECU )
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Abstract: Problem Statement: Programs to facilitate Nurse Practitioner (NP) transition to practice have been developed at public and private institutions across the US and there is no published evidence of their influence on NP job satisfaction. Purpose: Determine the impact of post-graduate education on job satisfaction among NPs. Research Question: Is there a difference in job satisfaction between NPs who have completed formal post-graduate education and NPs who have not participated in formal post-graduate education programs? Methods: A non-equivalent group research design was used. The Misener Nurse Practitioner Job Satisfaction Scale© was administered to a convenience sample of two groups of nurse practitioners; one group having had formal post-graduate education and another group that has not had formal post-graduate education. Participants were recruited through post-graduate NP education program directors who were asked to forward the job satisfaction scale to program alumni. This group was compared to NPs who have not participated in formal post-graduate education and recruited through a professional NP organization. Analysis: Independent samples t-test of factor scores was used to compare job satisfaction between groups and contrast post-graduate fellowship training effects within demographic strata. A multiple linear regression was calculated to predict participants’ total job satisfaction based on years of NP experience, state regulatory environment and whether or not they completed a post-graduate education program. Significance: Post-graduate education has a statistically significant positive impact on NP job satisfaction. Knowledge of factors that influence job satisfaction is advantageous to employers and NPs considering post-graduate education opportunities.

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Bush, C. T. (2015). Post-graduate nurse practitioner education: Impact on job satisfaction. Unpublished manuscript, College of Nursing, East Carolina University.
Language: English
Date: 2015
Nurse practitioner residency, Nurse practitioner transition-to-practice, Nurse practitioner fellowship, Nurse practitioner mentoring, Post-graduate nurse practitioner education

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