Massive Extinction Treatment Attenuates the Renewal Effect

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James Denniston Ph.D., Associate Professor and Department Chairperson (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
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Abstract: Two experiments with rats as subjects investigated whether massive extinction can attenuate the renewal effect. Experiment 1 investigated whether moderate or massive extinction could prevent the return of conditioned responding following Pavlovian conditioning in Context A, extinction in Context B, and subsequent testing in Context C (i.e., ABC renewal). Experiment 2 examined whether massive extinction could prevent renewal following training in Context A, extinction in Context B, and testing in Context A (i.e., ABA renewal). Both experiments observed attenuated renewal following massive, but not moderate extinction. Results are discussed in terms of contemporary theories of extinction.

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Denniston, J. C., Chang, R., & Miller, R. R. (2003). Massive extinction treatment attenuates the renewal effect. Learning and Motivation, 34(1): 68-86. (Feb 2003) Published by Elsevier (ISSN: 1095-9122). DOI:10.1016/S0023-9690(02)00508-8
Language: English
Date: 2003

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