Envisioning balance : mapping natural, industrial, and digital space

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Michael Richard Polomik (Creator)
Western Carolina University (WCU )
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Richard Tichich

Abstract: In order to map a new place, people must explore and record where they are traveling. My artworks are maps of my mind and soul - records of wonder, want, memory, and emotion. In this thesis investigation, I contemplate my future through recording my past, meshing valuable natural, industrial, and digital memories of space. Patterns and structures from these spaces are first extracted from their source, then altered and remixed during their translation into my work. Though still reminiscent of origin, most imagery in the final product collectively creates an abstract movement and energy to and from a central focal point. Subjects are employed in metamorphic, overlaid, and interactive ways, depicting a battle expressive of my reflections on their presence within my life. These reflections are emphasized through subtle symbols of measurement and time, such as charts, graphs, and the vortex. My thesis exhibition explores these concepts through combinations of spray paint, schematic and gestural mark making, and 16th century Italian Renaissance painting style. These media and the processes involved in their application are inherently associated with the three primary categories of space that I express. Their collaborative context provides the viewer with a unique way of analyzing modern life. Although I find our current environment dense, and at times artificial, it is in many ways beautiful. I want to look at my world in a different way through my art. Gaston Bachelard once said, “…It is in the opposite of causality, that is, in reverberation…that I think we find the real measure of the being of a poetic image” (xvi). Since my markings are intuitive interpretations of my environment, they thus provide a mapping of my psyche and what I believe to be a personal, visual poetry. Mapping my surroundings in this way opens new ways of understanding how I interpret them. Their presence in my work enables a source of reflection for the consideration of reliving past experiences to achieve a balanced future.

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Language: English
Date: 2010
Paint, Spray paint, Marker, Postmodernism, Surrealism, Realism, Abstraction
Space and time in art
Art, Modern -- 21st century

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