An Upper Jurassic Theropod Dinosaur from the Section 19 Mine, Grants Uranium District

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Andrew B. Heckert Ph.D., Professor (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
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Abstract: Known vertebrate fossil occurrences from Jurassic strata in the mines in the Grants uranium district are few. Here, we describe fragmentary teeth, skull, and jaw elements that probably pertain to the theropod dinosaur Allosaurus. These fossils were recovered from the Upper Jurassic Salt Wash (=Westwater Canyon) Member of the Morrison Formation in the underground workings of the Section 19 mine near Grants, New Mexico. If properly identifi ed, these fossils are the stratigraphically lowest occurrence (LO) of Allosaurus in New Mexico and one of the oldest records of Allosaurus in the Morrison Formation.

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Heckert, A.B., Spielmann, J.A., Lucas, S.G., Altenberg, R., and Russell, D.M. (2003), An Upper Jurassic theropod dinosaur from the Section 19 mine, Grants Uranium district: New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook 54, 309- 314. Archived in NCDOCKS with permission of the editor. Version of record available at:
Language: English
Date: 2003

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