Who’s Going to Win? Look at the Economy

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Andrew C. Brod, Director, Center for Business & Economic Research (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
Web Site: http://library.uncg.edu/

Abstract: On Tuesday, American voters will decide whether Barack Obama or John McCain will be the next president. Which issues will guide their votes? Voter motivations are complicated, but pocketbook issues are always part of the mix. In some years the economy isn’t the most important factor, but in this year of financial crisis and imminent recession, the economy obviously looms large in voters’ minds.

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Brod, Andrew (2008). Who’s Going to Win? Look at the Economy. The Business Journal. Oct. 31 – Nov. 6 2008, 35
Language: English
Date: 2008
Presidential race, Obama, McCain, Economy.com, Election projections

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