Changing the Two-Party Political System in the United States: The Evolution of the Libertarian Party in the Context of Philosophy, History, and Politics

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Carolyn Thompson

Abstract: The topic of third parties in the context of our political system seems to always become a controversial issue. While there does tend to be some agreement that third parties do offer a diversity of ideas that are important to our political landscape, the debate seems to inevitably revolve around what party (if any) offers any real alternative to the Democrats or Republicans. While this work mainly looks at the Libertarian party it should be noted that the Libertarian party is not the only viable option as far as third parties go. Third parties fill the entire spectrum with their variances on structure, ideology, and central purpose. The Libertarian Party is simple one option among many. My purpose here is not to laude the Libertarian Party with praise or to show any unique superiority of purpose, but rather to point out that other options to our current two party system exist and these options should be examined.

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Honors Project
Language: English
Date: 2006
Political System, Libertarian Party, Diversity, Two Party System,

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