The Quest: The Contextualization of the Pentecostal Fire Baptize Holiness Church and their Gender Roles

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Jennifer M. Cooper (Creator)
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Abstract: The Pentecostal Fire Baptized Holiness Church went through many transitions before becoming the church as it is known today. The church initially took a radical stance by choosing to separate itself from its parent church and their beliefs and traditions. They ventured out into a new spiritual world and established their own foundations that were rooted in a mixture of both of the newest spiritual movements of Holiness and Pentecostalism. The PFBHC have strived to remain true to their holiness tradition of abstaining from secular society and its ever-changing cultural practices. In their quest to develop a religion that brings them as close to the original gospel as possible, this notion has been the root of the many mergers and the source of dissention that led to splits. In their reasoning, staying as far from the secular society is the best way to obtian the heavenly experiences while here on earth. Despite this primitive impulse, the PFBHC is not beyond employing pragmatic conveniences in order to survive.They are also not completely opposed to change. They will change as a means of keeping on the margins of society even if that means changing their original position. This is especially noted in the changes made in the gender roles. The women of the PFBHC originally held many important positions that included preaching to multiple congregations, pasturing churches, fulfilling the role deaconess, and beginning new missionary sites, but as the feminist movement became more wide-spread those roles were inversely and adversely affected.

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Language: English
Date: 2011
Pentecostal, Holiness, Pentecostal Fire Baptized Holiness Church, PFBHC, Religion, Traditions, Beliefs, Secular Society,

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