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Abstract: Although hemodialysis (HD) has the propensity to preserve and maintain life , the person on HD is at risk for adverse intradialytic events (IDEs) during the treatment such as cramping , loss of consciousness , and death. A few studies have explored stressors and coping strategies of persons on HD , yet none have specifically focused on stress appraisal and coping strategies related to IDEs. Thus , the purposes of this study were to: a) describe the types and associations of IDEs to stress and examine primary cognitive appraisals of IDEs on stress towards HD; and b) examine the association between coping strategies and HD stress. A cross sectional correlational design was used. A convenience sample of persons (N = 73) on HD consented to participate in the study and completed the Hemodialysis Demographic Form , the Dialysis Symptom Index , the Cognitive Appraisal of Health Scale , the Ways of Coping Questionnaire , and the Hemodialysis Stress Visual Analog Scale. The majority of the sample was African American (95%) and male (52%). The mean age was 57 (SD = 11.98) years and participants averaged 41 (SD = 31.55) months on HD. Frequently reported IDEs were lack of energy (70%) , followed by dry skin (64%) , and itching (54%). Women reported higher stress towards HD and were more bothered by IDEs than men. Additionally , women used more emotion focused coping and younger aged participants used confrontive coping compared to older participants. When controlling for age , sex , and months on HD , primary cognitive appraisal explained 22% of the variance in stress towards HD related to an IDE (F (7 , 65) = 2.58; p = .021) and coping strategies explained 34% of the variance in stress towards HD (F (11 , 61) = 2.89; p = .004) with escape avoidance (p = .37) , sex (p = .03) , and planful problem solving (p = .02) contributing to the model. Understanding coping strategies associated with IDE stress will allow the healthcare team to formulate interventions to support the physiological and psychological wellbeing of persons undergoing HD , thus improving their quality of life.

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Language: English
Date: 2017
Hemodialysis, Intradialytic, Complications, Coping, Stress

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