The investigation of some water--carbohydrate and water--polyhydroxyalcohol systems utilizing the enthalpy of transfer of some slightly soluble salts as a structural probe

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John Jezorek

Abstract: The investigation of nonelectrolyte-water interactions with respect to structure has been studied. An indirect method was used to determine some of the structural properties of these nonelectrolyte-water systems, since no direct method exists for these determinations. A titration calorimeter was used to collect thermodynamic data on the solute-water interactions at 25°. The enthalpy of transfer of sparingly soluble salts from pure water to water-nonelectrolyte solutions was used as the probe because it utilizes two structure sensitive probes instead of just one, as has been customarily used in this type of investigation. This method utilizes the heat of precipitation of these salts rather than the heat of solution of the ion. The groups of solutes that were studied were carbohydrates and polyhydroxyalcohols. It was found that the simple carbohydrates (glucose, sucrose, and ribose) and the polyhydroxyalcohols (sorbitol and mannitol) used in this study did not exhibit normal hydrophobic water-solute interactions but rather showed a hydrophilic nature. This was expected because of the large number of polar groups of the carbohydrates and polyhydroxy alcohols.

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Language: English
Date: 1975
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