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Walter Barker

Abstract: To me, wood possesses an inner-life, or force, which I attempt (as a sculptor) to release in my work. CHI is the Chinese name for this force, which flows through all things. The artist must successfully interact with CHI during the creative process if he is to release this life force. The carved, maple wood heads on exhibit in the Weatherspoon Gallery at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, (April 27 through May 11), are the body of this thesis. I approach the material without a specific plan, other than to tear away the outer surface of bark and pulp, responding to the unique and distinctive qualities of the wood. I begin to free the form from its enclosure, searching for my solutions - artistic as well as metaphysical - to reveal my "soul". The wood's idiosyncrasies, (i.e., rot, termites, etc.), cause unexpected contingencies which must be contended with; hence, form changes as nature modifies our course. Woods such as cherry, apple, pear and maple have a hard, short, compact grain, allowing the artist to cut in all directions without as great a hazard of splitting or splintering. Therefore, the hard, compact, grain woods lend themselves to a greater variety of form.

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Language: English
Date: 1975

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