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Lois Andreasen

Abstract: Fusion is a dance for five dancers. The central idea explores the anxious, uncertain moments experienced by people when confronted with new personalities and new situations. The dance is in three sections. The first section begins with a solo dancer moving alone on stage in a free, expansive movement pattern. Group I enters causing uncertainty on the part of the solo dancer. This conflict is eventually resolved and Section I ends with the entrance of Group II. Section II explores the same basic idea but here the uncertainty exists on the part of Group I and the solo dancer and is resolved by Group II. In Section III a property which has been center stage throughout the dance is illuminated, the dancers are attracted to it and join together in an exploration involving the property. Fusion climaxes with the disappearance of the dancers behind the property. General lighting is used throughout the dance and the intensity of the lights varies as the intensity of the relationships develop. The dance concludes with a single light illuminating the stage property. The costume for the solo dancer is a lavendar leotard and tights with a beaded purple belt. Group I is costumed in black leotards and tights with a black and white sash tied at the waist. Group II is costumed in yellow leotards and tights with a yellow and white sash tied at the waist. The accompaniment for the dance is Sergei Prokofiev's Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op. 80.

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Language: English
Date: 1975

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