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Virginia Moomaw

Abstract: ANOMALY is a dramatic dance. It is concerned with fear of new ideas and with violence and intolerance that are often a result of this fear. Because of the dramatic and emotional content of the piece the choreographer chose to make this statement of fear of new ideas by illustrating it through a specific event. The dance has a plot that has to be carefully revealed so that an audience could follow it. The choreographer used the flash back technique. It became important to the choreographer to know how the audience perceives in order to know what images to present. It then became necessary to investigate theories of perception. Rudolf Arnheim was found to have several publications that were applicable. The music used was Claude Debussy's Le Martyre de St. Sebastian. The dance has six people, a soloist who represents the Anomaly, and two groups of two and three who represent people who cannot tolerate new ideas. The soloist and the two groups are seen all together as the lights come up. The set suggests a barren, formidable place full of rocks and crags. The costumes they wear suggest Medieval skirts but are intended to be symbolic rather than authentic in representation. We get the impression that something horrible has happened when the groups rush frantically to center stage. Their agitated movements subside as they seem to calm themselves and they turn, each in a different direction, and move off stage all doing the same movement pattern. All this is done to silence.

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Language: English
Date: 1974

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