The effect of electronic cookery upon the appearance and palatability of a yellow cake

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Abstract: The magical quality of electronic cookery was first sensed by Percy Spencer of the Raytheon Manufacturing Company when he became conscious that the melting of a chocolate bar in his pocket was caused by its proximity to a magnetron tube. From such a beginning, the Radarange, the first electronic range, was developed and manufactured. This range, an institution-type, was first used on an experimental basis for approximately ten years. In 1954 the electronic range came on the market for commercial use by public eating places. In the latter part of that same year, a home-style electronic range was introduced to the consumer by the Tappan Stove Company. To date, four companies - Kelvinator Division of American Motors Corporation, RCA Whirlpool Corporation, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and Tappan Stove Company - have purchased the rights to the use of the magnetron, source of microwave energy, from the Raytheon Manufacturing Company.

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Language: English
Date: 1960
Microwave cooking

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