Imitation by children of model-performed behavior under a variety of stimulus conditions

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Mary Elizabeth Keister

Abstract: One hundred and thirty two black children, involved in seven Head Start centers, comprised the sample for the study. Ranging from thirty seven to eighty one months of age, the subjects were understood to be within the normal range in intelligence, vision, hearing and emotional stability. Children in the sample were divided into equal cells based on sex and age (younger or older determined by the population median). Four stimulus films, each depicting visually a black model performing the same novel non-verbal behaviors, were developed. The models were an adult male, an adult female, a child male, and a child female. Subjects in the sample were randomly assigned to view one of the four films. This assignment resulted in eight or more subjects being placed into each of sixteen cells on the basis of age and sex of the subject and age and sex of the model.

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Language: English
Date: 1974
Imitation in children
Imitation in children $x Sex differences
African American children $x Psychology

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