An assessment of the preparation of North Carolina public school music teachers in performance practices of black gospel music : implications for curriculum revisions in higher education

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Walter L. Wehner

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to assess the preparation of North Carol ina public school vocal music teachers in performance practices of black gospel music. Eighty-two vocal music teachers in the State of North Carolina were randomly selected to serve as the primary sample. A questionnaire was used to obtain data from that group of people. In addition to the questionnaire, each respondent was requested to camp 1 ete and return to the invest i gator a persona 1 interview card indicating whether or not he would permit a follow-up personal interview. From the 82 questionnaires, a total of 60 were completed and returned to the investigator. Data from the questionnaire were processed and coded by the investigator and analyzed by the Statistical Analysis System (Helwig, 1978). Methods of analysis included t tests, chi-square and the Fisher exact probability tests. From the 20 affirmative cards that were returned, 10 music teachers were randomly selected and interviewed by the investigator. Personal interview questions were based upon the performance practices employed in three tape-recorded excerpts and corresponding music scores of black gospel music. Interviews were conducted with music teachers to obtain data relative to teacher preparation in performance practices of black gospel music.

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Language: English
Date: 1980
Vocal music $z North Carolina $x Instruction and study
Gospel music $z North Carolina $x Instruction and study

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