An investigation of the perception of the role of resource teacher in the education of educable mentally retarded and learning disabled students

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Roland H. Nelson

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions of the role of resource teachers and regular teachers in providing an education for educable mentally retarded students and learning disabled students. The groups whose perceptions were analyzed were resource teachers, regular teachers, college students enrolled in special education training programs and college students enrolled in regular education training programs. Perceptions of roles from the four groups in the study were collected through the administration of an opinionnaire. Respondents indicated the degree that resource teachers and/or regular teachers should be and are responsible for forty functions that are viewed as important in educating mentally retarded and learning disabled students. The forty functions included in the opinionnaire were selected after a thorough review of pertinent literature, after consultation with a variety of specialists in special education, and after subjecting the opinionnaire to a trial run and editing procedures. The ten hypotheses utilized for this investigation were tested by analyzing responses among and between groups with a chi square procedure. This procedure indicated whether there were significant differences between responses assigned to the five options for paired groups as well as for the combined four groups. Differences between and within groups were declared significant when an observed chi square would have occurred by chance in fewer than five times in 100 times.

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Language: English
Date: 1979
Resource programs (Education)
Teachers of children with mental disabilities
Learning disabled children $x Education

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