An experiment to measure surface currents present in plasmon excitation fields

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Weiguo Yang

Abstract: This thesis seeks to help prove an existing theory in the field of surface plasmonics. In their paper “Surface Plasmon Excitation and Non-Zero Induced Surface Current Density,” Dr. Weiguo Yang of Western Carolina University and Dr. Michael Fiddy of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte showed that, contrary to conventional understanding, there exists a non-zero electric current on the surface of a metal (or other media) while a plasmon charge-inducing electromagnetic field is present. This current is also not present when the field is removed, even though the plasmon wave is self-sustained. Following the publication of the work of Dr. Yang and Dr. Fiddy on the presence of these surface current densities in plasmon fields, an experiment will be conducted to detect and measure this current. These surface current densities have not yet been measured, as their existence has only been shown mathematically. If the current can be shown to exist, Dr. Yang and Dr. Fiddy's theory will be validated and will open the door to new areas of research in the existing field of Surface Plasmonics and in the general study of electromagnetic waves. This project will consist of the construction of an experiment setup to measure an induced surface current in the presence of a plasmon excitation field. The current-detecting apparatus will also be explored as a new type of electronic sensor.

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Language: English
Date: 2018
Excitation Fields, Plasmon, Plasmonics, SPR, Surface Current, Surface Plasmon Resonance
Plasmons (Physics)
Surface plasmon resonance
Electric currents -- Measurement
Electromagnetic waves

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