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Paige Beebe (Creator)
East Carolina University (ECU )
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Abstract: As an art major, we are required to finalize our senior year with a public showing of our work. More specifically, as a graphic design concentration, we as a graduating senior class compose a show together as a group. This is a very long and extensive process. However, as graphic design majors, we handle our senior shows a bit differently than everyone else. We are the only major that has a combined group show in Mendenhall Student Center both our Junior and Senior year. While other concentrations only have one solo show their senior year, however they have to find and book their own venue. As a group we have to plan the entire show. From the title to the theme and down to how we are going to show and hang each piece. We enjoyed the idea the seniors had last year, where they showed their process work behind different projects. This was interesting because not many people get to see the process, or even know the process work that goes behind what we do as designers. However, though we appreciated the idea, we did not think they presented it clearly. We decided to take the idea of showing the “behind the final product” work but communicate it better to our audience. I personally came up with the idea of showing our process on a horizontal board. Basically, each person’s work starts on the left with the first ideas and work its way through until the end or right of the board with the finished product. This idea then sparked a group discussion about how designs have an evolutionary process. This is where all the ideas and pieces started to come together. Everyone is familiar with the image of the monkey evolving into man and slowly changing throughout time. Well this was basically what we were trying to convey with our designs. This is where the show title “Evolve” came from.

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Honors Project
Beebe, Paige. (2015). Evolve Senior Show. Honors College, East Carolina University, Greenville, N.C.
Language: English
Date: 2015
Senior show, Letterpress show poster, Graphic design

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