Fourier Analysis on SU(2)

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Chal Benson

Abstract: The set SU(2) of 2x2 unitary matrices with determinant one forms a compact non-abelian Lie group diffeomorphic to the three dimensional sphere. This thesis surveys general theory concerning analysis on compact Lie groups and applies this in the setting of SU(2). Our principal reference is J. Faraut's book {\em Analysis on Lie Groups}. Fundamental results in representation theory with compact Lie groups include the Peter-Weyl Theorem Plancherel Theorem and a criterion for uniform convergence of Fourier series. On SU(2) we give explicit constructions for Haar measure and all irreducible unitary representations. For purposes of motivation and comparison we also consider analysis on U(1) the unit circle in the complex plane. In this context the general theory specializes to yield classical results on Fourier series with periodic functions and the heat equation in one dimension. We discuss convergence behavior of Fourier series on SU(2) and show that Cauchy problem for the heat equation with continuous boundary data admits a unique solution. 

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Date: 2013
Mathematics, analysis on SU(2), Heat equation, Lie algebra
Fourier analysis
Lie groups

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