Sergei Lyapunov's Preludes for solo piano, Op. 6 : an analysis for performance

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Karen A. Allred (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Joseph DiPiazza

Abstract: "The purpose of this study is to provide a performer's guide and an analysis of Lyapunov's Op. 6 Preludes, thereby contributing to the achievement of a more informed performance, and enabling capable students and their teachers to become familiar with repertoire from the Russian romantic tradition that is brilliant, beautiful, and challenging in its pianistic requirements, yet accessible. Sergei Lyapunov's Seven Preludes Op. 6 offer a wide variety of pianistic and musical challenges that range from brilliant technical display to a brooding, melancholic character. The technical difficulty of these preludes makes them challenging for study and performance; therefore, an analysis of the pertinent musical elements for each prelude provides insight into performance. The preludes maintain a level of accessibility even though the writing is technically advanced. This is due to the logic found in the patterns utilized by Lyapunov, making the Op. 6 Preludes an attractive set. This study provides pianists with a structural view of each prelude in a table form, thereby supplying pianists with an additional means of memorization; it reveals relationships between sections and phrases, similarities and differences, highlights patterns of chord progressions, and provides a means for memorization away from the keyboard, thereby creating additional security in performance. It provides an awareness of increasing and decreasing textures, and examines improvisational treatments of and variations within phrases that include Lyapunov's use of adding fragments of motives through extensions at ends of phrases, his use of sequences, as well as his use of diminution in recurring motives. It provides pianists with information upon which to base their interpretation regarding dynamic shaping within phrases, focal points of phrases, and pacing; it underscores the numerous expressive elements found throughout Lyapunov's Op. 6, sheds light on the pianistic demands required in order to play them, both from technical and interpretational perspectives, and provides interested pianists with a description of these requirements. A discussion of each of the prelude's pianistic demands is included in order to aid in the preparation and/or study of these works with a focus on pertinent aspects of pianism and musicianship. Conclusions regarding performance implications are drawn directly from the analysis. This document presents pianists and other interested individuals with an analysis and performance guide for Sergei Lyapunov's Op. 6 Preludes, and re-introduces works worthy of study and performance. It examines musical elements in order to illuminate musical events. The analysis provides a starting place for pianists to create and convey their interpretation of these musical events during performance, with the added benefit of memory security that is a direct result of viewing and studying the music from multiple angles."--Abstract from author supplied metadata.

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Language: English
Date: 2007
performer's guide, analysis, Sergei Lyapunov, Op. 6 Preludes, Russian romantic tradition
Piano music--Analysis, appreciation

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