Concertino for double bass and orchestra. “E.L.M.”

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Marjorie Bagley

Abstract: In my musical experience as a double bassist and as a composer, I have engaged primarily with "cross-genre" music. Many of my compositions bring together influences from a wide range of world music traditions. The assimilation of and ability to authentically perform these differing idioms by musicians in large ensembles, such as the symphony orchestra, is today in its infancy. I set out to write a concertino for double bass that would provide musicians with a cross-genre musical experience, and lead them to play such idioms in a convincing manner. In creating the piece, I use the skills I have acquired as a double bassist, along with my affinity for certain musical idioms, such as church music, jazz, bluegrass, classical music and so on. The musical goals of the first and third movement spring from associations with a specific musical idiom. The first movement conveys the mood of the Testimony service found in the African-American Pentacostal Church. This is accomplished by transcribing recordings of vocal examples and transforming the results into my own original composition. The second movement is an interlude that prepares the listener for the third movement, forming a seamless connection between the first and last. The third movement is based on groove-oriented popular dance music. The idea here was to create music for a large ensemble that would have the freedom and flexibility of a smaller combo. The musical notation for this movement required the use of descriptive phrases and non- standard notation and musical structures. This project involved composing and performing the concertino. In rehearsals and performance, the musicians were successfully able to perform in many of the styles indicated in the musical score. Some indications were more difficult for them to assimilate, and further refinement of the notational strategies will need to be addressed in subsequent compositions. This study will provide useful information to other composers seeking to write cross-genre pieces for large ensembles. It also provides information for performers who are looking to branch out into different styles of playing.

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Language: English
Date: 2013
African-American Gospel, Composition, Concertino, Cross-Genre, Double Bass, Groove
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