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NameInstitutionPublication Status
D'Agostino, Cynthia Anne FrascoHuman Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
D'Agostino, Fabio ECU Student
D'Agostino, Ralph B.ECU Student
D'Agostino, Vincent LouisRomance Languages-Spanish, UNCG Student
D'Alessandro, Alyssa ECU Student
D'Alessandro, Natale ECU Student
D'Alonzo, Caitlin ECU Student
D'Amico, Fabio ECU Student
D'Angelo, Michael Music, UNCW Faculty
D'Arruda, Jose Chemistry and Physics , UNCP Faculty
D'Assoro, A BECU Student
D'Assoro, A BECU Student
D'Assoro, Antonino B.ECU Student
D'Assoro, Antonino B.ECU Student
D'Assoro, Antonino B.ECU Student
D'Jernes, Anna CECU Student
D'Souza, Deborah M.Human Environmental Sciences, UNCG Student
D’Agostino, Ralph B.,Jr.ECU Student
D’Angelo, Amanda Rebecca Hardy Psychology, UNCC Student
D’Antonio, Nicholas D.ECU Student
D’Aubeterre, Fergle Philosophy, UNCG Student
Da, Rui Computer Science, UNCG Student
da, Silva JackECU Student
Da Vanzo, John P.ECU Student
Da Vanzo, John PaulECU Student
Da Vanzo, John PaulECU Student
D’Assoro, Antonino ECU Student
Dabbs, David J.ECU Student
Dabelea, Dana ECU Student
Dacchille, Stephen Computer Science - Student, ASU N/A
Dacey, Joshua StephenHistory, UNCA N/A
Dadian, Mia Literature, UNCA Student
Dadson, Armstrong ECU Student
Dagenbach, Jana Psychology - Student, ASU Student
Dagenet, Jacqueline S.Teacher Education and Higher Education, UNCG N/A
Daggubati, Rames ECU Student
Dahdouh-Guebas, Farid ECU Student
Dahhan, Talal,Siddiqui,Irfan,Tapson,Victor F.,Velazquez,Eric J.,Sun,Stephanie,Davenport,ClemoECU Student
Dahir, Mustafa Mathematics, UNCG Student
Dahlan, Alia KartikaFinance, Banking, and Insurance - Student, ASU Student
Dahlgren, Madison ECU Student
Dahlsten, Emma MLAS, UNCA Student
Dai, Chunhua ECU Student
Dai, Ding ECU Student
Dai, Hua Information Systems and Operations Management, UNCG Student
Dai, JZ ECU Student
Dai, Kaoshan Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNCC Student
Dai, Shi-xue ECU Student