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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
The 17th topological type of [omega-star]2006Verner, Jonathan StudentMathematics and Statistics, UNCG
The Interaction between Music and Task Performance: The Tower of Hanoi & Missionaries and Ca...2009Piocuda, Jorge E.StudentHonors College - Psychology, UNCP
Turning data into information: assessing and reporting GIS metadata integrity using integrat...2009Mulrooney, Timothy J.StudentGeography, UNCG
Molecular Phylogeny and Comparative Pollen Morphology of the Genus Hexastylis (Aristolochiac...2010Niedenberger, Bryan AlanStudentBiology - Student, ASU
A Study of Division Deans' in the North Carolina Community College System Self Perceived Lea...1905Sypawka, William StudentECU
Distance Education Leaders' Perspectives: A Study of How Select Higher Education Institution...2008Hummell, Laura JohnsonStudentECU
The Influences of Information Technology Organizational Performance in Higher Education2008Creasey, Wendy StudentECU
Division I Athletics Directors and University Presidents : A Comparison of Sport-Related Val...2008Spivey, Laura M.StudentECU
The Impact of Populating the Freshman Seminar on Retention, Student Perception of Content, S...2008Rogerson, C. LisaStudentECU
The Interpretive Process of North Carolina Community College System Developmental Education ...2008Black, John PaulStudentECU
Modulation of IKKß with AMPK Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Skeletal Muscle2008Bikman, Benjamin ThomasStudentECU
What Is Good Nursing Care? The Lived Meaning of Quality Nursing Care for Practicing Nurses2008Burhans, Linda MaasStudentECU
Priming Anxiety into People who Stutter: Arousal's Influence on Fluency2008Hudock, Daniel J.StudentECU
Functional Aging of the Inner Ear Sensory Systems in Mouse Models of Age-Related Hearing Los...2009Mock, Bruce ElliottStudentECU
Festival Gap : Comparing Organizers' Perceptions of Visitors to a Survey of Visitors at the ...2006Gross, Justin A.StudentECU
Cedar on the reef : archaeological and historical assessments of the Eighteenth-Century Berm...2003Southerly, James Christopher WelliverStudentECU
Affluence and Influence : A Study of Inequities in the Age of Excellence1905Abernathy, Dixie FriendStudentECU
Muscle Work Discrepancy during Incline and Decline Running at Three Speeds1905Long, Benjamin L.StudentECU
Perceptions About Vaccination by Obstetricians and Gynecologists : A Phenomenological Appro...1905Dayton, Amanda StudentECU
Exploring the Lived Experiences of Individuals with Tattoos2009Lucas, Tesha StudentECU
Pain Management after Cardiac Surgery2009Langley, Malinda Elizabeth PauleyStudentECU
Binaural Interference in Normal Hearing Children2009Shanley, Robyn HelenaStudentECU
An Investigation of Auditory and Visual Temporal Processing in Children with Reading Disorde...2009Smith, Lauren R.StudentECU
The Effects of Social Stories on Language and Social Appropriateness in Children with Autism...2009Taylor, Kelly M.StudentECU