Drone Operation Test Bench with Full 3D Rotational and Limited 3D Linear Degrees of Freedom

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Adam Alverio, student (Creator)
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Amit Manglik, student (Creator)
Albert Mitchell, student (Creator)
John Pope, student (Creator)
Kevon Price, student (Creator)
Nomar Proctor, student (Creator)
D'Anthony Ravevell, student (Creator)
Diamon Rawlinson, student (Creator)
Chaz Terry, student (Creator)
Chandra Bhushan Asthana, Associate Professor (Contributor)
Elton Lee Stone, Aviation Lecturer (Contributor)
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Abstract: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) extend human potential and allow us to execute dangerous or difficult tasks safely and efficiently, saving time, saving money, and, most importantly, saving lives. Recently, legislation was signed into law that will help safely and responsibly unlock the tremendous potential of UAS to keep the public safe, create lasting jobs, boost local economies, and further advance the U.S. as a leader in technology and innovation.However, one of the requirements is to obtain Part-107 license to be able to fly UAS. While the theoretical test can be passed by studying the recommended material, the ability to fly it well depends on practice. Practicing flying outdoors entails risks until one has gained expertise. Therefore, an indoor test setup is very beneficial to practice even without having Part-107 license.Any flying object executes six Degrees of Freedom (6 DOF) in space. To have such a test setup is very useful to practice flying without any risk. Unfortunately, there is no such test bench with 6 DOF available.The class of UAS 400L has developed such a test setup that is located inside STEM complex. The hardware development was accomplished by all the student in Spring 2021 semester. It has full three Degrees of Freedom (3 DOF) in rotational motion and limited 3 DOF in linear motion. The test bench has been used for flying Tello UAV and work is underway to extend its capacity to be able to fly bigger UAVs

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Language: English
Date: 2021
Unmanned Aircraft Systems, drone operation, test set up

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