John Stiles

John Stiles is an assistant professor of Graphic Design at Elizabeth City State University. His first professional job was as an airbrush artist while still an undergraduate student, painting t-shirts and license plates at his local mall. He received his bachelor’s degree in communication arts in 1994 from East Carolina University, after graduating, he became an artist in the screen-printing industry, where he worked for 14 years and six different companies. He acquired his Master of Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011, he has been an art and graphic design instructor since, helping hundreds of students learn and grow as artists, many of whom have gone on to establish successful professional careers in the field. He taught as a high school teacher at Clark Advanced Learning Center in Stuart, Florida from 2011-17; an Adjunct Professor at Indian River State College throughout the Florida Treasure Coast from 2010-15; and as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi from 2017-2019 before joining Elizabeth City State University. In addition, he does free-lance work for a myriad of different clients, and works occasionally as a fine artist and caricature artist. He is known for his love of visual art. He is especially passionate about illustration and, as many of his students can attest, typography. In addition, he has a passion for board sports including- surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. John does not hate Comic Sans.

There are 38 included publications by John Stiles :

TitleDateViewsBrief Description
Adolph the laser sight reindeer 2023 9 Adolph the laser sight reindeer
Blue pool grind ii 2023 10 graphic design
Chinese Wok 2020 50 "The painting is all about typography. It is from an out-of-business Chinese restaurant in Elizabeth City. I loved this sign the first time I saw it and I am glad I painted it before it is gone."-John Acrylic on canvas.
Crude world 2023 2 crude world
Day of the dead illustrator black skull 2018 68 Day of the Dead Illustrator Black Skull
The devil went down to Georgia 2021 49 Graphic design of a song "The devil went down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels.
Fantasy 2016 36 Graphic image
Fighting okra 2021 102 Fighting okra comic book cover, aged.
Found 2023 4 graphic design, art work
Gungan vs predator 2023 5 graphic design: Gungan vs predator
Harvest time 2023 26 Halloween themed graphic design: Harvest time
In the Pink 2020 86 Oil painting on canvas. Created for a special occasion.
John Stiles' Art Work (Portrait) 2023 21 John Stiles' Art Work. Portrait.
John Stiles Blues Mural 2021 110 This video is about Prof. John Stiles' Blues Mural created by Prof. Whelan. John Stiles is celebrating the blues. The Elizabeth City State University graphic design professor is interpreting a little bit of blues history with an eye on an old artisti...
Mad men, nighthawks 2023 2 Mad men, nighthawks
Old sailorman portrait 2014 46 sailorman portrait
Perimeter Check 2013 41 Image of a dog in water color
Plein air memorial park fl 2013 2023 6 Plein air memorial park fl 2013
Portrait - no name 2014 29 portrait in brown and brown tones
Portrait - oil painting 2014 65 Portrait in oil painting
Portre 4 2023 5 portre 4, graphic design
Powder Days 2012 21 image of a snowboarder in collage technique
pro model 2023 5 pro model, graphic design
Purple and red 2023 9 purple and red
Ramones Album Cover 2012 63 Ramones Album Cover
Reclining male figure 2023 10 reclining male figure
Rochelle Cleaners 2020 55 Ink on paper. Dry cleaner, Downtown Elizabeth City, NC.
Sculpey Joey 2021 29 Image of a sculpture
Sea horse Coyboy Fin 2021 50 Graphic image
Self-portrait 2020 99 Self-portrait, water color in black and white
Stiles - A Pastel Sketch 2022 1 A pastel sketch of musicians
Sushi collage 2023 6 sushi collage
Swing 2012 21 Girl image in a swing
The thinker outside the box 2023 8 The thinker outside the box.
Tiger shark 2023 14 Art work
Tony hawk del mar 2023 6 Water color: Tony hawk del mar
Whale Court 2021 30 graphic design of a whale
A woman portrait 2023 6 Woman's portrait.