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Etsuko Kinefuchi

**Education: Ph.D., Arizona State University--M.A., Oregon State University--B.A., Oregon State University **Scholarly interests: Cultural identity development and negotiation, interethnic and interracial relationships, Intersection of identity sites, multiculturalism and pedagogy, transnationalism and diaspora, immigrant and refugee adaptation, building intercultural alliances.

There are 3 included publications by Etsuko Kinefuchi :

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Crash under investigation: Engaging complications of complicity, coherence, and implicature through critical analysis 2008 2306 Using a critical analytic lens, this essay examines how race, racism, and race relations depicted in the movie Crash reflect complicity, coherence, and implicature. The essay first utilizes complicity theory to offer a critical analysis of the film, ...
A Semiotic Analysis of Iconicity in Japanese Manner Posters 2012 2625 This capstone conducts a synchronic textual analysis on four Japanese manner posters from the 1970s to 1980s. Manner posters have historically played a significant role in public behavior in Japanese cities since 1974. This capstone reveals how Jap...
Situating oneself in racialized world: Understanding student reactions to Crash through standpoint theory and context-positionality frame 2008 1772 Through a thematic analysis of 136 student reactions to the movie Crash, this study examines how individuals situate themselves in terms of race, racism, and race relations in the film and how their racial locations inform this situatedness. We utili...