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W. Richard Cowling III

**Education: PhD - New York University, Nursing Science and Theory Development--MS - Virginia Commonweatlth University, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing--BSN - Universtiy of Virginia--Diploma, Community Hospital of Roanoke Valley, Nursing **Areas of Expertise: * Unitary Research and Theory Development * Women abused as children * Participatory Research Methods * Holistic Nursing and Health Care

There are 2 included publications by W. Richard Cowling III:

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Hall‘s essay on an authentic meaning of medicalization: An extended discourse. 2006 738 The purpose of this article is to inform emerging theoretical understanding of medicalization by challenging, updating, and affirming a previously published essay on this topic by Hall. We accomplished this through the creation of a discourse among t...
Research as the researcher?s story. 2007 440 When we were given the challenge of expressing our views of research as the researcher?s story, we intended to talk primarily about the ways in which our personal lives mediated our research work. While this remains one of the aspects of what we want...