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Donald L. McCrickard

International Financial Economics, Macroeconomics

There are 5 included publications by Donald L. McCrickard :

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Deficits and Money Growth in the United States: A Comment 1988 725 Joines (1985) argues that the Federal Reserve accommodates war-induced deficit spending but not non-war-induced deficit spending. Using a first-difference form of a reaction function to obtain a stationary time series of the monetary base, we find th...
The Impact of Demand and Cost Factors on Inflation in Open Economies 1981 119 Bruno [1] develops a theoretical model of the wage-price adjustment process in an open economy to consider the dynamic impact of changes in import prices and exchange rates. In his model nominal wages are a function of the excess demand for labor, im...
The influence of elections on federal reserve behavior 1991 346 A political business cycle is tested in a monetary reaction function. Positive evidence is a result of the 1930s and 1940s and not post-war elections. In addition, there is no evidence of such a cycle in a rational expectations model.
The use of inputs by the Federal Reserve System: An extended mode 1988 287 Recently it has been argued that bureaucratic incentives play an important role in the formulation of policy and the inflationary bias of the Federal Reserve System [Shughart and Tollison (1983), hereafter S—T].1 In particular S—T maintain that the F...
Variability of the Inflation Rate and the Forward Premium in a Money Demand Function: The Case of the German Hyperinflation 1982 523 Since Cagan's (1956) classic study, the specification of the demand for money in the German hyperinflation has attracted much attention.