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Shelly L Brown-Jeffy

There are 3 included publications by Shelly L Brown-Jeffy :

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Critical Race Theory as Theoretical Framework and Analysis Tool for Population Health Research 2011 271 In population health research, it is important to consider socioecological perspectives that include cultural attitudes and beliefs which permeate all levels (intrapersonal, interpersonal, institutional/community, and structural/policy). Given the sp...
School Effects: Examining the Race Gap in Mathematics Achievement 2008 74 The gap in achievement between minority and non-minority students has become a national priority. To investigate the relationship between school racial composition and the race-based gaps in mathematic achievement, High School Effectiveness Study dat...
Toward a Conceptual Framework of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: An Overview of the Conceptual and Theoretical Literature 2012 1159 The United States is a diverse country with constantly changing demographics. The noticeable shift in demographics is even more phenomenal among the school-aged population. The increase of ethnic-minority student presence is largely credited to the n...