Lauren Renkert Ph.D, LCSW

Dr. Renkert's interests and areas of expertise include mental health, clinical practice, and fathering. She serves as the Principal Investigator for the NC Methamphetamine Treatment Initiative/ASU Partnership for Methamphetamine Treatment Program Development and Evaluation. Dr. Renkert also serves as the Chairperson of the Clinical Services Advisory Board of Appalachian State University's Institute for Health and Human Services and is working with others at ASU and the surrounding community to develop and enhance clinical services for children, adults, and families in the region.

There are 8 included publications by Lauren Renkert Ph.D, LCSW:

TitleDateViewsBrief Description
Background and preliminary results of a growing interdisciplinary rural school mental health collaborative [Presentation Slides] 2009 515 Conference presentation
Cultivating a new harvest: Rational and preliminary results from a growing interdisciplinary rural school mental health program 2009 921 It is well established that a significant number of young people suffer from mental health concerns at any given time. Yet a substantial proportion of these young people do not receive adequate treatment. Thus, in order to address this gap in health ...
Developing and Implementing a University-School Mental Health Partnership to Enhance Student Health and Learning Outcomes [Presentation Slides] 2009 680 Participants will learn about the nature and scope of how mental health problems adversely impact student performance and learning. Participants will learn the details about how to set up a university-school district partnership to provide mental hea...
Enhancing the well-being of youth: Rationale, preliminary results, and policy implications of a growing interdisciplinary rural school mental health collaborative [Presentation Slides] 2009 576 Conference presentation
From Father to Child: An Application of the Process-Person-Context-Time Model 2005 1458 This study assumes several overarching goals. The first is to bring the social work profession firmly to the table in the discourse on fathering. A second goal of this study is to place the study of fathering in a theoretical framework that aptly ack...
Methamphetamine treatment in rural western North Carolina [Presentation Slides] 2010 720 This presentation describes the implementation of an empirically-supported intervention for methamphetamine abuse, and outcomes will be contrasted with an intensive family-based intervention in rural Western North Carolina.
Process Evaluation: Executive Summary and Final Report. NC Methamphetamine Initiative/ASU Partnership for Treatment Program Development and Evaluation 2008 635 Technical Report
So you don’t just take babies? Debunking discipline-specific stereotypes and other lessons about true interdisciplinary collaboration 2010 840 Newsletter article