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Iryna Babik

There are 3 included publications by Iryna Babik :

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Development of handedness for role-differentiated bimanual manipulation of objects in relation to the development of hand-use preferences for acquisition during infancy 2014 117 Handedness development during infancy could be represented as a progressive expansion of a hand-use preference across a wider range of increasingly complex skills. The goal of the present study was to explore the development of role-differentiated bi...
Development of Infant Prehension Handedness: A Longitudinal Analysis During the 6- to 14-month Age Period. 2010 387 Handedness is a developmental phenomenon that becomes distinctively identifiable during infancy. Although infant hand-use preferences sometimes have been reported as unstable, other evidence demonstrates that infant hand-use preference for apprehendi...
Potential postural constraints on the development of lateralized hand-use in infancy 2010 556 Lateralized hand-use is an easily observable sensorimotor skill that can be used as a model for the exploration of the development of differential functioning between the two cerebral hemispheres, or hemispheric lateralization. However, it has been a...