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Stacy M. Sechrist

Stacy Sechrist holds a PhD in Social Psychology and MA in Forensic Psychology. Her research interests lie in understanding violence and aggression, particularly in the context of interpersonal relationships. Prior to joining the Center, she worked in market and educational research and her experience includes both quantitative and qualitative research methods and reporting. Stacy has also taught at the collegiate level, including courses in psychology and criminal behavior. She is currently working on the Center’s North Carolina Safe Communities initiative.

There are 2 included publications by Stacy M. Sechrist :

TitleDateViewsBrief Description
The form and function of females' aggression 2006 675 "Many researchers approach the study of aggression by searching for gender differences. The end result has depicted females as emotionally uncontrolled and irrational in their use of aggression. The present studies seek to disrupt this view by examin...
Violence in Intimate Relationships: A Conceptual and Empirical Examination of Sexual and Physical Aggression 2008 537 The present paper argues that the perpetration of both sexual and physical aggression by the same person in intimate relationships represents a unique form of intimate partner violence that warrants further theoretical and empirical examination. This...