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Thomas C. Windley

There are 3 included publications by Thomas C. Windley :

TitleDateViewsBrief Description
Anatomical and neuromuscular contributions to anterior knee shear force during single-leg landings in females 2005 1162 "This research investigated the collective interactions between hamstrings extensibility, anterior knee laxity, and hamstrings and quadriceps muscle activation as predictors of anterior knee shear forces during single-leg landings in females. Forty-f...
Kinematic analysis of functional lower extremity perturbations 2004 730 Background. Sudden changes in direction on a single weight-bearing-limb are commonly associated with injury to the lower extremity. The purposes of this study were to assess the between day reliability of hip, knee, and ankle kinematic displacements ...
Low levels of anterior tibial loading enhance knee extensor reflex response characteristics 2005 613 We examined whether neuromuscular reflexes were altered with anterior loads applied to the tibiofemoral joint. A ligament testing device was modified by attaching a reflex hammer to a steel mounted frame to illicit a patellar tendon tap, while anteri...