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Robert A. York

  • Biology and Marine Biology, UNCW

There are 2 included publications by Robert A. York :

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Megagametogenesis and nuclear DNA content estimation in Halophila (Hydrocaritaceae) 2009 1098 Megagametogenesis has been identified in the seagrass Halophila johnsonii, a species with no known seeds, using DAPI staining and manual sectioning methods. Developmental stages were documented and compared with megagametogenesis stages in Halophila ...
Phylogenetic analyses of North Carolina Rhodymeniales. I. The genus Asteromenia. 2005 125 There are 16 species of the red algal order Rhodymeniales reported from North Carolina waters. One, Asteromenia peltata, is the only described species in its genus and is reported from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Sequences of the 18S r...