Jeffrey Kaplan

Jeffrey Kaplan received his PhD from UC Berkeley in 2018, during which time he also taught philosophy at San Quentin State Prison through the Prison University Project. Before that, he received his MPhil from the University of Cambridge and his BA from Williams College. Much of his research focuses on the question, ‘In exactly what sense are human-created systems of rules normative and how does their normativity constrain theories of them?’ The ‘human-created systems of rules’ that we are talking about include law and language, which is why his areas of specialization include philosophy of law and philosophy of language, but also table manners and games.

There are 1 included publications by Jeffrey Kaplan :

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Attitude and the Normativity of Law 2017 24 Though legal positivism remains popular, HLA Hart’s version has fallen somewhat by the wayside. This is because, according to many, the central task of a theory of law is to explain the so-called ‘normativity of law’. Hart’s theory, it is thought, is...