Darcy Dean

Darcy Dean is a student in Nutrition and Dietetics. The nutritional adequacy of the gluten-free diet in those newly diagnosed with celiac disease is of interest to her because she have a good friend who was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and she is curious if the shift in diet is providing her with adequate nutrition. By conducting this project, Darcy hopes to expand her knowledge of the celiac disease, the gluten-free diet, and how the diet impacts newly diagnosed celiac disease clients.

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Nutritional adequacy of a gluten free diet in those newly diagnosed with celiac disease: An evidence analysis 2020 42 Background: In the United States, at least 3 million people have been diagnosed with celiac disease. The side effects of this disease are directly impacted by an individual’s diet. Because of this, it is necessary to understand if gluten-free diets a...