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Adam Clair Knierim

  • Geography and Geology, UNCW

There are 2 included publications by Adam Clair Knierim :

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A hydrographic investigation of a mixed-energy inlet : Rich Inlet, North Carolina 2009 995 Management issues related to tidal inlets and their associated environmental impacts have become a primary focus for coastal research in North Carolina. Research needs stem from a variety of issues relating to the targeting of tidal inlets for sand r...
The photodegradation of domoic acid and the effects of metal chelation 2009 700 Domoic acid added to 0.2 ┬Ám-filtered Wrightsville Beach, NC seawater (WBSW) to a final concentration of 100 nM rapidly photodegraded to 75% of its initial concentration under simulated sunlight after ten hours of irradiation. The average first order ...